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Liz in the News

February 25, 2020 | Idyllwild Town Crier

Candidates Answer Town Crier Questions

Why is the state slow to effectively fix the homeless crisis?

Elizabeth Lavertu: The state has been reactive and not proactive when dealing with the homeless crisis. In order to truly solve California’s homeless crisis, all levels of government need to work together to implement real solutions. You cannot just leave it up to the local government. They need the support from the state and federal leaders, too. Some of the solutions are to build more affordable housing, create better economic opportunities, make behavioral and mental health easier to access, implement short-term housing with services and improve resources for our veterans and seniors.

Randy Voepel: Gov. Newsom has just launched a massive homeless agenda. Hopefully, we will begin to see results in the short-term.  [Read More…]

February 22, 2020 | San Diego Union Tribune

Races to represent 71st, 75th districts in CA State Assembly attract few challengers

“In his campaign, Voepel has emphasized his opposition to California expanding its cap-and-trade program and “sanctuary state” immigration laws, as well as his support for veterans and reducing business regulations.

His competition is Elizabeth “Liz” Lavertu, of Spring Valley, a Democrat who is a small-businesswoman. A member of the San Diego County Democratic Party Executive Board, Lavertu long has been involved in politics and volunteering in the community, including at her children’s schools and helping raise money for the installation of an outdoor fitness circuit at Jamacha Elementary. She also recently co-chaired the Spring Valley Community Planning Group.”

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February 3, 2020 | San Diego Union Tribune

Q&A: Elizabeth Lavertu, candidate for State Assembly District 71

What single fix does the state most need to implement to address the housing crisis?

“Local, State and Federal leaders need to work together to ensure we are able to build more affordable housing. The focus should be on building higher density homes near public transit areas. When building we need to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place and fix our existing roads. We should minimize the number of hoops to access grants and shorten project approval times for developers who are building affordable housing units.” – Liz Lavertu

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August, 2017 | East County Magazine

Spring Valley Planning Group Reviews Development Plan for Shopping Center 

The property is in close proximity to Sweetwater Springs Community School, which already puts stress on Austin Drive and Sweetwater Springs Boulevard. Future traffic concerns already prompted the Spring Valley Planning Group to resist two developers in the past four years from building on the site. Their proposals were for higher-density housing that would have meant even more traffic, according to Lowes.

“I don’t know if just because it’s going to be prettier, it’s going to be better,” said Member Elizabeth Lavertu. She echoed many audience members who agreed that something needed to be done on the property, but that the proposal would only be of short-term benefit to the community.

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