Meet Liz

I am running for California Assembly District 71 because it’s time we started investing in US.

It’s time that our policy makers start investing in the people that they serve. We need a leader that’s willing to take action on behalf of the people they represent. Our district is more divided than ever. I will bring inclusive, respectful, and compassionate leadership to our community.

We deserve to have someone in Sacramento fighting to ensure that our hard-earned tax money is valued and directly benefiting our communities. We need better roads, better public schools, better healthcare, better economic opportunities, and more affordable housing and rent. I am committed to making this dream a reality.

Why I’m Running

I am a mother of two amazing boys who have grown up in the 71st Assembly District. I was born and raised in rural America, where I learned and experienced the value of family and community. From volunteering in retirement homes with the Girl Scouts, to running the Vacation Bible School, teaching Sunday School, and facilitating support groups at the Aids Research Center, I have learned that making a positive impact on the lives of others not only brings me fulfillment, but inspires those around me to do the same. It is this same conviction that drives me to build a better and brighter future for my community today.

We need equity in education and opportunity.  

Like many of our friends and neighbors, my family has faced many of the same challenges. As a community, we struggle with childcare and distance learning, but understand the need to reduce transmission of COVID-19. I talk regularly with constituents who can’t afford to miss work to stay home with their kids, but also can’t afford quality daycare. We need to create childcare solutions to help get them through. Our education system should be reflective of the global economy that we now live in. We should be preparing our children to join the new style of workforce that technology has allowed us. At the same time we recognize the importance of bringing back and highlighting the wonderful paying trade jobs that are great options for careers. 

We need to rebuild and strengthen our economy while protecting small businesses.

As Chair of the Spring Valley Community Planning Group, I understand how reliant our communities are on small businesses, many of which are in dire need right now. I want to ensure small businesses are protected and receive the financial support to survive and thrive.

As our nation faces an economic recession, I will focus on getting people back to work. Modernizing our infrastructure will get people in our district back to work in good paying jobs.  I also want to invest in jobs that will serve our community, such as  mental health providers, renewable energy careers, and careers in education. I will build the foundation for a healthy economic recovery by investing in our community’s priorities: in the health and well-being of our children, in high quality education, wildfire prevention, and in the well-paying jobs of tomorrow.

We need a leader who will fight on behalf of the community they represent. I am willing and able to take the fight to Sacramento.

A Strong History

Our Advocate for Education

For the last 20 years I have brought my passion for community involvement to the 71st Assembly District. A large part of my focus has been in education and volunteering at my children’s schools. I worked to ensure that arts programs were safeguarded from budget cuts and helped raise over $100,000 for the installation of an outdoor fitness circuit at Jamacha Elementary.

Our Community Leader

Most recently, as the Co-Chair of the Spring Valley Community Planning Group, I have worked diligently to improve our roads, to bring economic opportunities to our neglected neighborhoods, and to ensure that we have a plan and the means for future growth and development within our region. Throughout my time advocating for our community, I’ve come to realize that our district is in need of someone at the state level who is willing to work across party lines and fight to bring our hard earned tax dollars back into our underserved neighborhoods.

Our Future Assembly Member

I have been dedicated to building a brighter and better future for our community and, when elected, I will bring the same level of passion and perseverance to our district so we can all thrive. I will work to ensure that we have more affordable housing options and push to stop skyrocketing rents. I believe healthcare is a human right and I will fight to make sure everyone receives quality care. I will work tirelessly to ensure our kids get a quality education and that our infrastructure is able to meet the needs of our community. Our community deserves not only an increase in job opportunities but positions with high wages – it’s my goal to make that a reality. This election is not about political parties, it’s about working together as a community to build the future we want to see.

It’s time we started investing in US!”

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Aside from the Bill of Rights, the freedom to vote is America’s most important political right. It’s also the most hard-won right in America and one we should cherish and exercise with pride. Vote on November 3rd!








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