Liz has achieved a record breaking endorsement from the Progressive Democrats of America – CA. PDA-CA is an organization that seeks to build a political party and government controlled by citizens with policies that serve the broad public interest.

By the numbers:

  • Progressive Democrats of America – California has 24,000 “members” throughout the state. 
  •  It takes a 60% vote to get a PDA-CA endorsement. 
  • Liz got an unprecedented 100% vote to endorse.

Upon notifying Liz of her record breaking endorsement, she said, “I am honored to have received the endorsement from PDA-CA; I wasn’t expecting for it to be unanimous. I look forward to leading our district by being in all of our communities and listening to their individual needs. When we all come together and are open to discussion we will be able to achieve the California Dream.”

“We are excited because Liz isn’t just a person who will be sure has the good of the people in mind rather than just the good of corporations and the wealthy.  When she gets to the assembly she will not hesitate to get her fellow assembly members to do what is best for the people of California. We look forward to the great things she will accomplish as the first woman and first person to truly represent the best interests of all of the people of the 71st District since it was formed.”

Michael Thaller

President, Progressive Democrats of America - California

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