The Valley Fire

Since September 6th 2020, our campaign has been focused on supporting all of the emergency animal evacuation teams working on the Valley Fire, and those supporting families who were displaced and/or impacted by the fire.

I have found that not everyone has a home to return to, and those who were fortunate enough to have their home saved are facing new challenges. Some are still without power as SDG&E works around the clock to replace poles and lines that were damaged. Everyone’s refrigerated food has spoiled, resulting in horrendous odors in their homes. Those on fixed budgets are now facing food insecurities and there are no programs available for them to receive food immediately. We have been working hard to meet these needs! 

If you have been impacted by the Valley Fire and need assistance that local and state resources are unable to provide – contact us at We can help!

Wildfire Prevention is Crucial. 

California has had a steady growth of wildfires over the past few decades. Forest fires have become even more widespread and they affect hundreds of families in California per year. Many are forced out of their homes and all of their belongings are suddenly gone overnight. We must do better to ensure that our rural communities are protected and stop sprawl developments in high risk fire areas. I will work closely with our brave firefighters to bring the proper funding for safety.

Protecting People and Protecting Homes

What Will You Do Prevent Wildfires on State Land?

Wildfires have grown in size and intensity and we need to do more to combat this issue. It is important to ensure wildfire prevention and forest health are properly funded. Some ways that I can ensure wildfires can be prevented is to support streamline forest thinning projects and discourage those projects from stopping at inconsistent boundaries and lines. California’s forestland is mostly owned by the federal government (58%) and privately (40%). Only 3% is state-owned. By cutting the red tape for tree-thinning projects, it would allow for more oversight on the removal of trees to control stand density. As a result, there would be less wildfire sprawl and it would significantly slow wildfires from affecting more areas.

What are your plans to assist and protect home and business owners with property insurance increases in areas impacted by wildfires?

Insurance companies have made it harder for people to protect their homes and belongings. Many companies either offer fire insurance at a high price or do not offer fire insurance to customers that live in high risk areas. My first approach is to lower fire insurance prices so that it is more accessible to home and business owners.

I will work ensure more people are protected from wildfires by requesting the insurance commissioner make some changes to insurance policies. The commissioner can also step in and create a path for private insurance companies to change their rates and allow more customers to have their properties covered from the risk of wildfires.

There is limited knowledge of the human health impacts of smoke emissions from wildfires. What are some ways that you will aid those who are impacted by smoke from wildfires and controlled or prescribed burns?

Not only do wildfires affect homes and businesses, they also affect the health and wellbeing of those near the fires Air quality surrounding wildfires significantly decreases and can last for days or weeks. I believe the state should assist those affected by wildfires as much as possible, according to the severity of each situation. 

I believe the state should provide basic resources – food, shelter, medical care, to all those who are affected by wildfires regardless of severity. This would include proper face masks and other items to protect people from ashes and smoke. This would alleviate any developing severe burns or respiratory damages to those near a wildfire.

When elected, I will be focused on addressing our communities needs when it comes to wildfire prevention food, internet, and housing. 

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