Our Children Deserve Better

It’s time we take back the reins and make sure our public schools are given the makeovers they need, and that all our children receive the education they deserve. As a woman and as a mother, I feel duty-bound to defend all our children’s right to a great education from start to finish, and I have the guts to take on any challenge on the road to better schools and brighter futures. 

Proud Mother and Powerful Advocate 

As a mother of two, I take our community’s investment in education very personally. Our schools are underfunded, overcrowded, and our children and teachers are the ones who suffer the consequences. Parents place their trust in the public education system each time they drop their kids off on the front steps of school or wave goodbye to the school bus as it disappears down the road.

I met and spoke with so many concerned parents in my time volunteering in public school classrooms and for the PTA. I’ve seen the toll our current system takes on our teachers and students who feel forgotten and are losing hope that things will get better. For so long now, we’ve begged our leaders to use our tax dollars where it counts, but it seems like our schools and kids’ educations continue to be last on a long to-do list that never gets done. 

Education Inequity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many school districts to return to school with online instruction. This has not only burdened our schools and teachers with the difficult task of teaching their students from a distance, it’s also burdened families who’ve lost income or had to pay extra for childcare so they could go back to work. As a community we will pull together to defeat COVID-19 and recover from this pandemic, but we can all agree- we don’t want any child to miss out on their education because their family can’t afford a computer, childcare, or their internet bill.

Now with some schools opening for in-person learning, a parent’s decision to send their child back to school is a deeply personal one, but regardless of whether the idea of classrooms opening again fills us with hope or with nerves, we can all see that a parent should never be forced to send their kid back to a classroom because of financial hardship. Our schools must provide resources to families that have fallen upon hard times, ensuring an equitable and fair opportunity to learn for all students, and eliminating impossible decisions for families that already could have used a helping hand before the pandemic. Our government can and must help schools meet our entire community’s needs as we move forward together.  

Education for All

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

One of the smartest investments we can make as a community is in early childhood education. The benefits of early learning range from the expected: better grades and academic achievement; to the unexpected: lower rates of serious crime and incarceration, and even lower rates of depression. A cost-benefit analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health showed that for every dollar spent on early childhood education, $4 to $11 of economic benefits were seen over a child’s lifetime!

We deserve this kind of return on our tax-dollar investments, and I believe that Universal Pre-K is essential if we want to ensure the brightest future possible for our community. No child should be unable to benefit from early education because of their family’s financial situation, so we should guarantee high-quality early education to all families, and feel the enormous benefits for generations to come!

Pay Teachers, Nurses & Counselors like Professionals

For years, teachers have been hung out to dry by our government, and as a parent I want to know that teachers are free to focus on improving their students’ educations, not simply struggling to get by.

We can all remember that one middle school teacher who inspired us to work harder and learn more. Or that high school coach who made us feel like we were a part of something special and we could make it all the way. The sad truth is many of those same teachers and coaches went home every night and worried about how to pay their bills and how they were going to get the classroom or team supplies their school couldn’t afford.

Now with COVID-19 devastating our communities, many teachers are being asked to step up to the plate, wrangle kids virtually for online learning and return to classrooms where their health could be put at risk. And with far too few school nurses and counselors, we forfeit a huge part of the arsenal of people who help protect and care for our kids when they’re not safe at home.

Our teachers desperately want what’s best for their students, but we have to make sure we fix the problems they already faced pre-Covid-19, before adding more to the list. We can’t ask teachers, nurses and counselors to take on these new challenges without investing in their commitment to our kids.

Our Future Assembly Member

I have been dedicated to building a brighter and better future for our community and, when elected, I will bring the same level of passion and perseverance to our district so we can all thrive. I will work to ensure that we have more affordable housing options and push to stop skyrocketing rents. I believe healthcare is a human right and I will fight to make sure everyone receives quality care. I will work tirelessly to ensure our kids get a quality education and that our infrastructure is able to meet the needs of our community. Our community deserves not only an increase in job opportunities but positions with high wages – it’s my goal to make that a reality. This election is not about political parties, it’s about working together as a community to build the future we want to see.

I will fight to ensure that all our children receive the education they deserve. 

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