Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

When elected, I will bring passion and perseverance to our district so we can all thrive. I will work to ensure that we have more affordable housing options and push to stop skyrocketing rents. I will fight to make sure everyone receives quality healthcare. I will work tirelessly to ensure our kids get a quality education and that our infrastructure is able to meet the needs of our community. I will fight for US!

Education Access

Fully Funded Public Schools and Trade Schools for All

Preschool for Every Child

We have underfunded our schools for far too long. Teachers shouldn’t be buying school supplies and we shouldn’t be cutting the Arts and Music programs. We must guarantee childcare and pre-Kindergarten for every child while making public colleges and trade schools free for all.

Investing In Our Future

We were promised that the California Lottery money would be used for our children’s education, but a very small percent is being invested in our Schools. It’s time to make good on those promises and fully fund public schools and give our children the education they deserve.

Housing Insecurity

Compassionate, Respectful Solutions for Safer, Cleaner Communities

Housing First Philosophy

By adopting a Housing First philosophy and investing in facilities to assist with mental health, drug addiction, job training and job placement, we will actually save money. I have spoken with emergency room nurses, law enforcement, and first responders and they all agree that the money would be better spent on solving the homeless issue rather than emergency services.

Respectful Solutions

Our community has expressed concerns that there are people sleeping on our streets and in our parks. We should be investing in temporary bridge housing especially for our children and our homeless veterans. We can have a compassionate, respectful community-based solution to creating safer and cleaner communities.

Affordable Housing

Housing Costs Should be Affordable for Our Community Members

Affordable Housing Prices for Buyers and Buyers

High home prices and skyrocketing rent are putting our working families in difficult financial situations. We have let developers and investors in short-term rentals take over our communities. We need to ensure our voices are heard and the character of our neighborhoods are not threatened.

We Need Comprehensive Housing Legislation

We need a comprehensive plan to create truly affordable housing and pass legislation to cap rent increases while maintaining our community plan. By doing so, we will decrease the number of people living paycheck-to-paycheck and lower the amount of residents faced with homelessness.

Healthcare for All

Healthcare is a Right, Not a Privilege

Expand Medicare for All

Everyone deserves comprehensive healthcare including medical, dental, vision and medication.  With California being the 5th largest economy in the world, there is no excuse for our current healthcare crisis. By investing in Medicare for All, we will save money and increase health outcomes.

Rural Community and Provider Access

While expanding healthcare for all, I will ensure that our rural communities still have accessible providers. I will ensure that healthcare costs decrease – not increase – for the majority of people. 

Our Economy and Infrastructure

California’s has the largest economy in the USA, with our gross state product equaling $3.2 trillion in 2019. We must stay diligent during our pandemic fight.

New Economic Opportunities

As a result of the COVID-19, our community has suffered economically. When elected, I fight to bring new economic opportunities to our district.  Focusing on our infrastructure and a renewable fuels future will be advantageous by creating new jobs and stimulating the economy in our district.

Rebuilding our Infrastrucure

We can create jobs by investing in our outdated roads and crumbling infrastructure. By investing in our roads, we will save money on vehicle repairs and create a safer commute for our drivers. We should not be crowdfunding the repair of our roads. We should be fighting in Sacramento for our money to come home and work for us!

Wildfire Protection

Fourteen out the twenty most devastating fires in California history have occurred since 2007. It’s crucial that we’re prepared for the challenges.

Safeguarding Our Homes

We need to safeguard our homes by expanding our preventative efforts in rural areas. All while holding utility companies accountable to build a safe infrastructure and bury power lines underground. This will save lives and money in the long run.

Our Enviroment

“The climate crisis is our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future, but we must act immediately.” – Bernie Sanders

Practical Solutions for the Climate Crisis

We can address the climate crisis by finding practical solutions to move us toward a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system. We need to prepare for the future and invest in renewable fuels while responsibly moving away from fossil fuels.

Standing Up to Special Interest Groups and Corporations

I will stand up to special interest groups and corporations whose profits are reliant on polluting our State and our environment. There is a smart path forward to lowering our CO2 emissions and becoming the leader for a greener tomorrow.